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Stampa Curricula

Languages: Russian,  English
Professional skills: dancing, singing, skating
In 1999 Graduation  at Shukin Theatre High School.
From 1998 to 2002 - actress in O.Tabakov's theatre ( “Clever" by Ostrovsky role Mashen'ka)

“Tender in the Night" by Fitzgerald (lead role- Rozmary) Luna Theatre prod.
 “Mashen'ka" by Nabokov (lead role - Mashen'ka)
 “Adventure of  Diletants" by Okudzhava (lead role - Lavinia) Luna Theatre prod.
 “Romantics" by Rostand (lead role- Silvetta)
 “Don Juan" by Moliere  (role- Charlotte)
 Ballet “Nino Rota Notes" by Nikolaev (leading dancing role)

With the International Confederation of Theatre Unions:
 “Hamlet" directed by Peter Stein (Germany) (lead role - Ofelia)
 “Boris Godunov" directed by Deklan Donnelan (England) (Kseniya)

2007: “Kazanova” directed by A. Gibinkin (lead role- Anna)

Theatre Awards:
In 2000  -Theatrical award  “Chayka" for Ofelia in  “Hamlet"
Magazine  “Ogonyok" award -  Discovery of the Year"

1997 -  “Comediants' shelter" directed by A.Alexandrov (lead role)
1998 -  “White-Black Day" directed by Artyem Mikhalkov (short-time movies, lead role)
1999 -  “Warm winds of ancient Bulgars" directed by B.Mansurov (lead role)
1999 -  “Dalnoboyshiky" (TV-movies)
2000 -  “Spartak and Kalashnikov" directed by A.Proshkin
2001 -  “Lady for a day" directed by D.Astrakhan (lead role - Luisa)
2001 -  “The Fifth Corner" directed by S.Gazarov (lead role  - Anya)
2002 -  “Tartaren from Tarascon" directed by D.Astrakhan (lead role - Mary)
2002 -  “Resort Romance" (lead role - Olga)
2003 -  “Words and Music" directed by I. Solovov (lead role - Carina)
2003 -  “Afrodizia" directed by Marinella Meloni (USA) (English-speaking role)
2004 -  “The Red Moon" directed by Furuhatta San (Japan) (Japanese-speaking role - Elena)
2005 -  “Secret Guards" (Vika)
2006 -  “To return Vera" directed by V.Yakovenko (Ukraine) (lead role - Vera)
2006 -  “Kadetstvo" (TV-movies, lead role- Polina)
2006 -   TV show  “Stars on the Ice"
2007 – “Gold Key” directed by Rojzman (lead role – Vera)
2007 – “Good Change” directed by Gibinkin (lead role –Anna)

  1. “I know I can stay happy” tv movie (lead role – Neya)

2007 –“Ermolovi” tv movie (lead role – Tony)


Cinema Awards:

2001 - Award for Best Woman Role ( Fifth Corner")
2002 - Cinema Festival in Gatchina (S.-Petersburf) for the Best Woman Role ( Tartaren from Taraskon")

Member of  the international jury of “Cairo International film festival” 2006

Theatre tournèes in Japan, Germany, Hong-Kong, Brasil, Belgium, England

Commercials: since 2006 – testimonial for “Hinoki" cosmetics company (Japan)

Stampa Curricula