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Suliman Jamal

Stampa Curricula

". 1974-1977 attended the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts \ Damascus to study the art of acting .
graduated from the Institute at a very good degree . 1981
1981-1985 a member of the Syrian National Theatre, to ply a number of leading roles in major productions .

1985 Moved to U.K to continue his studies .
1987 obtained a diploma in the methods of acting training from the Rose Beruford College for Drama & Speech
1988 Attended Leeds University \ Department of Theatre and obtained The Master's Degree in Theatre Studies .

The work in television has been the longest and richest where he participated in a multitude of series, miniseries and T.V films, that have received wide reputation throughout the Arab world and made him one the major stars in the Arab World. Including :
In Syria
- "Tarafah Ben Al-Abed" the life and early death of the legendry Arabic Poet " tarafa" 543-569
- "Migration from Hearts to Hearts", "The Silk Khan", "The Chandelier" and "Memories of The Coming age" directed by Haitham Hakki .
- "Sentenced" and "Yaqout Hamwi" portraying the life of the great historian and traveler 1178-1225, directed by Firdaus Atassi .
- "Four Seasons"  "Saladin" poraiting the time and life of Saladin. A trilogy of 90 episode  telling the story of rise and fall of the Arabian Kingdom in Spain, and the many award winner “Palestinian Emigration" directed by Hatem Ali .
A Cup of Blood’ pertaining the political and social role of the bedwin tripe in the 19th century. Directed by Laith Hajou
- 2005 moved to Egypt to start a new phase in his career starting with "Devil's Gardens," which turned out to be one of the greatest T.V hits in the Arabic world for the last decade and won for his role the Best Arab actor in the Murex Dor  Festival in Lebanon, as well as the best Arab actor in Cairo Festival for Radio and Television .
2010 - "Love Story"  and won for his role in it as the best Arab actor in Cairo Festival for Radio and Television .
2010 - Played the character Khalid Tubal in "Memoires of the body" based on well known novel the Algerian novelist Ahlaam Mosteghanmi ..
2011 - Played the character of Shokri Abdel Aal in ‘Back Streets’ based on Abdel-Rahman al-Sherqawi’s novel which considered one of the masterpieces of classic Arabic novel .
- 2016 - " Al-Ahraam Prize" for his performance in the 2016 hit " Afrah Al-Quba" Based on the noble pize winner " Najib Mahfouz" novel .  


- Played Dove in the movie "Return to Hayfa," on adaptation of the novel by Ghassan Kanafani .
- Dr. Saied in the movie "The Remaining" directed by Saifullah Dad .
- Abu Fahd in the film "nomadic" directed by Raymond Peter .
- Ramzy in the film "Halim" directed by Sherif Arafa .
- Shukry in the film "Baby Doll," directed by Adel Adeeb .


1981 _ 1985 work represented by the Syrian National Theater. Among which Marat in the play Arbuzov "My Dear Marat “Santiago in the play based on Marquez’s novel ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold
After completing graduate studies in Britain returned as a professor at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts where he directed a number of plays, including "The Magic Violin" improvised work, and "Custodian of the two masters" of the Italian Carlo Goldoni .
- Played the great Arabic historian Ibn Khaldun in the play "historical miniatures “by the late Saadallah Wannous
- The Saif Al- doula  in the musical "Al-Mutanabbi" by the great writers and composers Mansour Rahbani and presented in five Arab capitals .

Work in public affairs

- 17 \ 12 \ 1997 nominated as goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Fund for Population and continued in his volunteer work this until the year 2006 .
- 1998 participated in the preparation and supervising the first regional seminar for Arab media and stakeholders in the Population Affairs in cooperation between UNFA and IPPF .
- 1999 As a UNFPA’s ambassador attended the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations to discuss the situation of the world's population five years after the Cairo Conference on Population .
- Contributed to several humanitarian activities inside and outside Syria, including participation in the charity campaign for the Hope Center for Cancer in the city of Amman, which has the patronage of Her Majesty Queen or Al Hussein .
- 2000 participated in a seminar for the ambassadors of the United Nations Goodwill held in Geneva .
- participated in a numerous public meetings and seminars in most Syrian provinces and cities tackling different social issues such as population and  environment held by government institutions, international organization and academics. And contributed to the fundraising campaigns for humanitarian action in some Arab countries such as Syria, Jordan and the UAE and Quarter
- Numerous interviews in major Arabic an foreign T.V stations concerning political, artistic and social issues, among which his interview in the talk show ‘Close Up’ hosted by Al hora T.V in which he asked for the change of the Syrian’s constitution. That interview counted him as an opposition figure .
Recently, most of his media appearances on media have been focusing on the Syrian revolution, denouncing violence and advocating for democratic transition  . He among distinguished opposition figures launched ‘The national Democratic Initiative’, which proposed a plan for the democratic transform in Syria .
- Participated in the Geneva Negotiation Apr 2016 .
Awards and honours

- In the cinema got a certificate of appreciation from the jury at the Damascus Film Festival and on the performance of Dr. Saeed promises in the movie "The Remaining "
- 1995 granted the Minister of Information Recognition Award for his works of art .
- Was honoured by the Arab Youth Festival held in Morocco in 1999 .
- July 1999 received a Golden Award at the Cairo Festival for Radio and Television, for his role in the series "A seat in the garden ."
2001 he was honored by the Artists Association in the Syrian Arab Republic for his achievements .
- 2004 won the Golden Award Cairo Television Festival for his role" Abu Saleh" in the series "The Palestinian Migration ".
Murex D or –as the best Arab actor for 2005 .
- In 2007 received the Golden Award at the Cairo Festival for Radio and Television for his role in the series of Garden’s Devil .
- 2010 Best Arab Actor by the" Arab T.v & media" for  his role in " The Body Memoire ".
- 2015 nov gest of honor at "Al-Dkgla Film Festival "
- 2016 Best Arab Actor " Al-Ahraam Prize" for his performance in the 2016 hit " Afrah Al-Quba "
A large number of civil and press honours in a number of Arab countries including .

Arbitration committees

- 2005 a member of the international jury of the Damascus Film Festival competition. Feature films .
- 2006 Member of the jury at the International Film Festival in Rabat for author’s cinema .
- 2007 Jury member Arab films at the Cairo International Festival .
- 2014 A jury Member for short films at "Alexanderya Film Festival "

Stampa Curricula