Febbraio 2021


Sara El Debuch

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  • 2020 “FreshStart” directed by Khrystyna Iaroshenko lead actress 
  • 2019 “Flash Drive” directedby Dervis Zaimagaoglu  co-star 
  • 2018 “Be Kind” directedby Sabrina Paravicini  co-star  
  • 2013 “Border” directedby Alessio Cremonini  co-star 



  • 2018 “Nero” directedby Filippo Giovanni Dainese e Jack Ilario Fiore lead actress 
  • 2016 “La ragazza alla finestra” directedby Paolo Civati lead actress 
  • 2015 “Nur” directedby Marco Scotuzzi and Andrea Brusa lead actress 
  • 2015 “Ibrahim” directedby Ali Kareem lead actress 
  • 2015 “Oh myGod” directed by Ali Ben Mohammed lead actress 
  • 2014 “Il Bambino” directedby Silvia Perra lead actress 



  • 2014 “Sai che c’e” dei Testaintascadirected by Gianluca Mazzetti and Giovanni Galassi 



  • 2016 “La buona novella” directedby Valter Casini, lead actress 
  • 2014 I “Guardiani delle immagini” directedby Donatella Della Ratta  



  • Best actress in a leading role at the 7th Periferia dell’Impero Film Festival for the short film Nur by Andrea Brusa and Marco Scotuzzi 
  • Nomination for best actress at the Antalya Film Festival for the long movie Flashdrive by Dervis Zaimagaoglu



Sara El Debush spent 10 years of her life divided between Italy and Syria, learning customs and traditions of both her two nations. She took part in many demonstrations in Italy that resulted in her becoming a media personality. At 18, she was blacklisted in her home country, Syria, but made her debut as an actress in the film, Border by Alessio Cremonini. It won the David di Donatello Award, was screened at the Toronto Film Festival, followed by others around the world, including Italy.
She acted in several movies with esteemed directors such as Andrea Brusa, winner of the David di Donatello award for the short-movie Nur— she won the award for best actress. At the age of 19, she got divorced and decided to take off her veil, marking her as a symbol of freedom for Muslim women.
Her life as an artist and commentator continues in a multifaceted way: ranging from being a guest on Italian and international television programs to acting a lead role in the musical, La Buona Novella by De Andre. Moreover, she took part in the 74th annual Venice International Film Festival with a short film by Paolo Civati. She recently worked with director Dervis Zaim and will be the leading actress of the not yet released international film FlashDrive, for which she has already been nominated as best actress at the Antalya Film Festival.

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