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Kal Naga

Stampa Curricula


MISS FISHER & THE CRYPT OF TEARS Australia 2020 Main Every Cloud Prod. Tony Tilse, dir.

OUT OF THE ORDINARY Egypt 2015 Lead New Century Daoud A. Sayed, dir.

EYES OF A THIEF Palestine 2014 Lead * Ustura / New Star Najwa Najjar, dir.

FROM A TO B UAE 2014 Lead ImageNation Ali Mostafa, dir.

DÉCOR Egypt 2014 Lead New Century Ahmad Abdalla, dir.

BUSSY MONOLOGUES Egypt 2014   Director , Prod. TEAM / Film Clinic Kal Naga, dir.

VILLA 69 Egypt 2013 Lead ***, Prod. Film Clinic Ayten Amin, dir.

OVER MY DEAD BODY Egypt 2012 Supporting New Century Mohamed Bakir, dir.

MICROPHONE Egypt 2010 Lead ***, Prod. PACHA Pictures Ahmad Abdalla, dir.

HELIOPOLIS Egypt 2009 Lead, Prod. El Arabia Ahmad Abdalla, dir.

HABIBI NA’EMAN Egypt 2008 Lead Sobky Films Ahmed El Badry, dir.

AT THE HELIOPOLIS FLAT Egypt 2007 Lead * EMPC Mohamed Khan, dir.

AGAMISTA Egypt 2007 Lead Al-Nasr Films Tarek A. Moaty, dir.

ONE ZERO Egypt 2007 Co-Lead * EMPC Kamla Abu Zekry, dir.

NONE BUT THAT! musical Egypt 2006 Co-Lead Albatros / EMPC Khaled El Hagar, dir.

GAME OF LOVE Egypt 2006 Lead * EMPC Mohamed Ali, dir.

CIVIC DUTY USA 2006 Co-Lead Freestyle Releasing Jeff Renfroe, dir.

HARB ATALIA Egypt/Italy 2005 Co-Lead Al-Massa Ahmed Saleh, dir.

DOWNTOWN GIRLS Egypt 2005 Supporting Zein Film Mohamed Khan, dir.

HEADS & TAILS Egypt 2005 Supporting EMPC Kamla AbuZekry, dir.

YOUM EL KARAMA Egypt 2004 Co-Lead ERTU Ali Abdel-Khalek, dir.

GIRLS’ LOVE Egypt 2003 Supporting EMPC Khaled El Hagar, dir.

SLEEPLESS NIGHTS Egypt 2003 Co-Lead *** El Arabia Hani Khalifa, dir.

A CITIZEN, AN INFORMANT & A THIEF Egypt 2001 Lead Diogéne / El Arabia Daoud A. Sayed, dir.


MESSIAH USA 2020 Guest Star/ Recurring 2/10 Ep. Netflix USA

VIKINGS USA/Ireland 2019 Guest Star 2/20 Ep. V5 for History Ch.

THE LAST POST UK 2018 Supporting/ Recurring 6/6 Ep. Bonafide Films/ BBC

TYRANT USA 2016 Main/ Recurring 10/10 Ep. FX (FOX TV)

MAGNOON LAYLA Egypt 2009 Lead ** 15/15 Ep. Shanab Prod./ MBC



DROWNING IN CAIRO USA-SF 2018 Director, Stage Reading Golden Thread - Adam El-Sayigh, writer

OLIVER IN ARABIC musical Jordan 2015 Director , Creator RCC / Zeinab Mobarak, writer

CANCELLED! Stage Reading Egypt 2013 Lead AUC, Falaki / Mahmoud el Lozy, writer

WHITE RABBIT RED RABBIT Egypt 2013 Lead, Mono-Drama D-CAF Fest. / Nassim Soleimanpour, writer

WUST AL BALAD musical  Egypt 2002 Co-Lead Salam theatre, Cairo

LOVESTRUCK Egypt 1996 Lead AUC / Tawfiq al Hakim, writer

TWO UNDERGROUND Egypt 1994 Co-Lead Sheraton theatre, AUC, M Salmawy, writer

DEATH SONG Egypt 1991 Lead AUC / Tawfiq al Hakim, writer

MAHFOUZ-YAT Egypt 1990 Co-Lead AUC / Naguib Mahfouz, writer

OLIVER! musical Egypt 1989 Main (Bill Sikes) AUC / Lionel Bart’s original musical



Outstanding Achievement  Algeria 2015 Most submitted Arab Actor to the OSCARS (Academy Awards®)

Best Actor (Silver PYRAMID) Egypt 2014 Cairo International Film Festival for EYES OF A THIEF

Best Actor (HORUS Award) Egypt 2014 National Film Festival for VILLA 69

Best Actor Morocco 2014 Festival du Cinema Africain Khouribga for EYES OF A THIEF 

Nomination for Best Actor Italy 2009 Venice Film Festival’s New Horizon competition for ONE ZERO

Best Actor Egypt 2006 Alexandria International Film Festival for GAME OF LOVE

Best Actor France 2004 Biennale of Arab Cinema (IMA) for SLEEPLESS NIGHTS

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