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Naga Khaled Abol

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MFeature Films
Leading Actor in more than 15 feature films since 2001 & won more than 8 Best Actor Awards

Heliopolis  (2009) [Egypt] : (Independent / Drama) (Actor / Co-producer)
One day, One Suburb, Three Religions in Five stories set in Heliopolis, Cairo, all in a stagnant state
hoping for a better tomorrow with a reflection on the past through a Masters' student Ibrahim 
documenting Heliopolis Architecture & history.  (Toronto Film Festival 2009, Vancouver FF 2009,
MEIFF Abu-Dhabi 2009, Thessaloniki FF 2009,  Festivals prospects evolving)

One-Zero  (2009) [Egypt] : (Drama) Venice Film Festival 2009 OFFICIAL SELECTION and Horizon
Competition nominee)
Sherif is a TV host as well 8 characters on the verge of breakdown within the context of Egypt's football
final match winning the African cup. (2009 Venice Film Festival Official selection & Horizon Competition +  
Winner: Brussels Film Festival 2009 Best Scenario & Jury special prize)
+ Festivals prospects evolving)

Habibi Naeman (Sleeping Habibi) (2008) [Egypt] : (Romantic / Comedy)
Ramez has a very ideal standard of his dream girl, until a magical potion finds its way to Ramez
making him see the Fat but kind girl Nesma as the way her inner beauty is, He falls in love with her
& sees her as his ideal dream girl, will it last after the magic fades away?

Agamista  (2007) [Egypt] : (Action / Drama)
Hero helps his new found friend fights peer pressure & drugs, writes his first script on the same
journey as well.

A Flat in Heliopolis (2007) [Egypt] aka: Fi Shaket Masr El Gedida :
A Romantic story in 48 hrs in Cairo between two opposites

Civic Duty (2007) [US/Canadian Int'l production] :
American Neighbor suspects Moslem student a terrorist in a thriller style

Kashf Hesab (2007) [Egypt] :
A suspense story about a suspects in a rape case

None but that! (2007) [Egypt] aka: Mafeesh Gher Keda! :  (Musical)
Musical Movie about youth / family ambition for stardom in the pop & music video world

Leabet El Hob (2006) [Egypt] aka: A Game of Love
(Won Best Actor Award - Alexandria Int’l film festival 2006):

A Romantic Comedy about two modern youth yet bearing social luggage

Harb Atalia (2005) [Egypt] (Won Best Actor Award):
A Game thriller movie set in Rome where every game member looks for an antique Egyptian
Necklace to be found lost between all the cheats!

Downtown Girls (2005) [Egypt] aka: Banat Wust El Balad

Malek We Ketaba (2005) [Egypt] (Won several Best Film Awards)

Hob El Banat (2004) [Egypt] (Won Special Mention – Cairo Film Festival)

Sahar El Layaly (2003) [Egypt] (Won several Best Actor Awards)

Mowaten we Mokhber we Haramy (2001) [Egypt]
aka: A citizen, a detective & a thief (Won several Best Film Awards)



A W A R D S :
Best Actor,  HYPERLINK "" Alexandria International Film Festival
2006 for  HYPERLINK "" Leabet el hob (2006)
Best Actor Achievement,   HYPERLINK "" Horeyaty Annual Awards
2006 for  HYPERLINK "" Harb Atalia (2005)
Best Actor,  Egyptian Oscar Awards  2004for  HYPERLINK ""
Sahar el layaly
Best Actor,   HYPERLINK "" Paris Biennal of Arab Cinema
2004 for  HYPERLINK "" Sahar el layaly (2003)
Special Mention,  HYPERLINK "" Cairo International Film Festival
2003 for  HYPERLINK "" Hob el banat (2004)
Best Actor,  HYPERLINK "" Damascus Film Festival
2003 for  HYPERLINK "" Sahar el layaly (2003)
Best Actor, Catholic Center Awards Cairo
2003 for  HYPERLINK "" Banat, El (TV mini-series) (2003)

Jury member:
Catholic Center Egypt 2008
Rotterdam Arabic Film Festival 2009
Beirut International Film Festival  BIFF 2009
The 2009 International Emmy® World Television Festival 2009

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador activities:
2009: - Child Rights campaign CRC 2009
2008: - Gaza border visit of the wounded Palestinian kids
- HIV awareness campaigns with UNAIDS and UNICEF
- Anti Khetan campaigns
2007: April: Appointed UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador
March: Visit to HIV-related projects in Alexandria
February 2007: Participated in seminar on the media and HIV/AIDS at the Cairo Children’s Film Festival
January 2007: Participated in seminar and Youth awareness workshop event about National Egyptian
HIV/AIDS campaign at Ismailia, Suez
November 2006: Participated in launch of Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS & Hepatitis C Campaign

Academic Background
BSc. Tele-communication Engineering, Ain Shams University, Cairo
MPhil studies in Spacecrafts Design, University of Surrey, UK
Theatre and Drama at American University in Cairo
Independent Acting and directing studies in USA            


Water Polo
Fashion Modeling career/hobby 1993-1996

(other sources:) Bio:
Look at:  HYPERLINK ""

Also look at:

At imdb site:    the Trivia Known for part : (excerpts here
He worked as a model while studying acting in U.K and the U.S.
He was only 12 years old when he started his career as an actor.
He still has a hobby of designing engineering projects related to Spacecraft Engineering that he once studied.
He is a Human Rights activist in Egypt and the Arab world, He started various TV campaigns to ignite
the Youth collaboration in various Humanitarian and UN related projects.

As a hobby, he acted and studied Acting as a minor at the Theatre Department at American University in
Cairo (AUC) wich led to his discovery as a potential great talent by famous film directors in Egypt.

He is known to be "the actor with the 1000 faces" as he changes his looks and attitudes dramatically in
each role he plays.

Also more Bio data  at


Link to Show Reel, Trailers and songs:

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  4. Trailer: Fi shaket Masr El Gedeeda trailer (in the heliopolis flat)
  5. Trailer: The Thief, the Writer and the Detective
  6. Song for Film: Ihab Tawfik - Taala Nesameh from Kashf Hesab
  7. TV HOSTING : Talk Show Stand up comedy
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  8. music show + singing: Angham ft Khaled elNaja - "Haga Ghariba" at Taratata
  9. SONG from Comedy: ????? ????? ????? ???? ??? ????? ??? ?? ?????

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