Ottobre 2013


Kassous Sana

Stampa Curricula

Cinematographic works:
- 2003: starred "the eye and night" directed by Mohammed Ali Mihoub.
- 2006: starred "love split" directed by Kalthoum Bournaz.
- 2006: The Movie "The Roman mysterious", personal "Dallila".
- 2007: starred "The Accident", directed by Rachid Ferchiou.
- 2008: Film "Saint Augustin" directed by Christian Duguay.


- 2004: the series "Hesabat wa Aqabat"  directed by "Habib Amuslimany."
- 2005: the series "Aoudet  Almnyar", directed by "Habib Amuslimany."

- 2006: the series "Hayat wa Amany" directed by "Mohamed Al Ghodban."      
 -2006:Tales Laroui championship series, "Ely ba’a waledeh" directed by
            "Habib JEMNI."
             Tales Laroui championship series: "Dawet Kher" directed by
            "Habib JEMNI."
- 2007: Championship series "elyali el beadh", directed by "Habib Amuslimany."
- 2008: Championship series "sayed el Reem", directed by "Ali Mansour."
- 2009: the series "Sadaq Wa’adoh" directed by "Mohamed Azizih"

Theatrical works:

- 2003: the play "the world laugh with Saleh Alkhamisy" directed by "Abdul Aziz Mahrazi" and "Drissi-Bashir."


- 2007: best actress award in the emerging "Festival of Cairo Arab Media 13th," from the series "Elyali El Beadh".

Stampa Curricula