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Ekaterini Kakouri

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I am a film & stage actress, author of the award- nominee children's book Are you lost my little one? and the original creator of the animated Tv series Cycladia.

I mastered Drama at Stella Adler Studio of Acting in NYC and I accomplished my classical theatrical studies in Greece and Italy.


 Voice Type: Mezzo Soprano  Contemporary Dance

 Ground & Aerial Acrobatics

 Yoga/ Acroyoga Practitioner  Sailing

 Languages: Greek, English, German





Cycladia (2022- ) Animated TvSeries

Original Creator Ekaterini Kakouri

Writers Ekaterini Kakouri, Barry Keating, Marcus Jerrome


Are you lost my little one? (2020-2021) Book GR/ EN

Nationality Hair

Eyes Weight Height Playing Age


Greek Brown Brown 59 kg

173 cm

24 to 36


Aesop knows best (2019) Theatrical Play Puzzle of the music (2018) Theatrical Play


Hidden in the Woods II (2022) Paula

Directed by Patricio Valladares




Little Goose (2020- )

A company that takes pride in creating illustrated stories for people of all ages across the planet.



"Μήπως χάθηκες μικρούλη μου;" (2020) "Are you lost my little one?" (2021)



Cartoon Springboard |Creative Europe (2022) Frankfurt Book Fair (2022)

Berlinale (2023)

74th Cannes International Film Festival 75th Cannes International Film Festival 7Gth Cannes International Film Festival


Welcome to Acapulco (2019) Sonia

Directed by Guillermo Iván

Starring Paul Sorvino, Michael Madsen, William Baldwin

Nightworld: Door of Hell (2017) Eli Directed by Patricio Valladares Starring Robert Englund

You Are a Terrorist (2013) Janet

Directed by Antoni Solé



Heroides- TvSeries 2018

Birected by Stefanos Blatsos

Commercial "Kestine"

Director N. Dimitropoulos


Commercial "Elpedison"

Director N. Dimitropoulos








The Stella Adler Studio Of Acting, NYC Accademia Theatrale di Firenze, Florence Melissa Drama School, Athens

Graduate of the Greek Ministry of Culture



Onassis Stegi

Masterclass with Thanos Papakonstantinou



Masterclass with Krystian Lupa

The Trial


Masterclass with Konstantin Bogomolov



Masterclass with Jennifer Walsche

Art & Society


Masterclass with Bobby Roth

Acting & Directing



European Union


Europe in Perspective

Art & Education


University of Athens


Masterclass with Evanthia Stivanakis

Ancient Drama


Masterclass with Konstantinos Trehas

Commedia del Arte



Principal / Leading Role

Pause/ Milan, Florence

Contemporary Dance & Acrobatics, Milan/ Florence


Spirit/ Athens Tehnopolis

Music composition & creation, Kinetic improvisation



Elefsis/ Aisxylia Festival

Theatrical Play, Role Goddess Elefsis


Caryatids/Athens,London- Greek Ministry Of Culture

A tribute to the Parthenon Sculptures


The Magic Flute/ Theater Katia Dandoulaki

Theatrical Play, Role Pamina


Special Olympics/ Panathenaic Stadium

Opening Ceremony, Entrance of the Olympic Flame





Presentation/ Text Editing 5 Writing

Opera Gala/ Athens Tehnopolis

Conductor Chr. Zerbinos


Opera Gala/ Athens Tehnopolis

Conductor K. Konstaras, Fon Musicalis


Johannes Brahmes/ Estia Neas Smirnis

Art Direction E. MarinakI


Athina 1900- 1930/ Estia Neas Smirnis

Art Director E. Marinaki


Piano for4 Hands/ Estia Neas Smirnis

Art Director E. Marinaki


Ekaterini Kakouri is an actress and writer with academic training in Theater in Athens and Florence, and post- graduate studies in Cinema at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, in New York City.


Ekaterini is known as a writer for the illustrated book “Are you lost my little one?” which was nominated for Greece’s Literature Awards 2021, for numerous theatrical plays and as the creator of original international animated Tv series.


While working in Theatre and Cinema, Ekaterini was a teacher to children with typical and/or non-typical development. She then founded Little Goose, a company that takes pride in its illustrated stories.


Ekaterini was a priestess during the Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics in 2011, at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens.

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