Marzo 2014


Bakry Ziad

Stampa Curricula

Born in Bina in gallilee in 1980 , Actor and a student for Cinema in “minshar for art“ 
learned acting in Nissan Nativ in tel aviv

2004 played in Saad Allah Wannoos  “a day of our life “ directed “Mohammad Bakri
2002 played in “Almidan theatre” in “halwa Bagdad “ directed  “Makram khury
2007 played in “100” in” Tmunaa theatre “
2011-2013 played a Golden’sCustodian of Messrs” in “Almidan Theatre” in Hayffa

played in few shorts
2007/8 : played for CH4 in the roll of Tyseer“The shooting of Tom Hurndall” directed “Rowan Joffe
2010 played in “Zindeeq” directed Mishel Klefeh” roll reception worker
2011 The time that remains directed Elia Suliman roll Jamal
2013 “Screw” directed Shira Gefen roll yousef

 directing :
2011 The salt Fisherman nominated for Muhr arab
2013 Earrings

camera :
Zahra a documentry directed Mohammad Bakri