Ottobre 2013


Bakri Saleh

Stampa Curricula



Was born in Jaffa - Palestina



2010 SALVO directed by Antonio Piazza - Fabio Grassadonia

2009 WHEN I SAW YOU directed by Annemarie Jacir

2008 The Time That Remains directed by Elia Suleiman

2007 Bikur Ha-Tizmoret written and directed by Eran Kolirin

(The best supporting actor price for his role in the Band’s visit.)

(The best supporting actor price for his role in Bikur Ha-Tizmoret)

2007 Normal Day – Abo Laila written and directed by Rashid Mishharawi

2007 The salt of this sea written and directed by Annemarie Jacir

2005 The band’s visit directed and written by Eran Kolirin





2008 helen’s neckles by Carole Frechette directed by Nabil Eluzun

2008 Macbeth directed by Lilakh Dekel Avnery


2007 Forget Herostratus by Gregory Gorin directed by Nizar Zoóby

2006 Another Memory directed and written by Ehab Salameh

2005 Junun by Jalila Bakkar directed by Sameh Hejazi

2001 Back Up directed by Haiem Adri – Paris

2004 A day in our life by Sadalla Wannus directed by Mohammad Bakri

(got the best actor price for his role in “A day in our life” performance)

2003 Hamlet directed by David Gothard

2002 The screans by Jean Jene directed by Ofira Hening

2001 Samir and Jonathan a one man show directed by Mohammad Bakri



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